Signs Your Roof Needs Your Attention

Your roof is one of the most crucial parts of your house. It protects you and your loved ones from the elements. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners tend to delay maintenance and repair work of the roof. They believe that they can save money if they do this. However, these careless decisions can be extremely damaging for the property. It can only result in major expenses.  

If you notice any form of damage to your roof, you shouldn’t ignore it. You need to hire a professional roofer right away. There are a couple of indications that can help you determine if your roof requires your attention. 

If you notice these signs on your roof, don’t hesitate to hire a professional Sherwood Park roofing contractor right away.  

Curling Shingles 

Shingles curl because of the weather. There are two forms of curling – cupping and clawing. In cupping, the shingles curl on the edges. On the other hand, the shingles curl from the middle in clawing. You have to hire a roofer to inspect your roof if you notice the shingles are developing these problems.  

The Spread of Moss and Algae 

The growth of moss, algae, and other plants is extremely common for old roofs. This is particularly true if your roof doesn’t get enough sunlight. To prevent this from happening, you need to have a proper water drainage system on your roof.  

Fortunately, a roofer can help you get rid of algae, moss, and lichen from the roof. Usually, they will recommend power washing the roof, especially if it’s made of tiles.  

Cracked Shingles 

Your shingles are probably at the end of their lifespan if you notice cracks on them. When this happens, you need to replace your roof. These cracks can allow water to seep inside the roof. It will only result in more damage down the line. Thus, it’s important that you contact a professional roofer right away once you notice cracks on your shingles.  

Age of Your Roof 

You need to hire a professional roofer to check your roof if it is more than 25 years old. Your roof might appear good from the outside. However, there might be leaks inside the sheetrock. It’s necessary to perform a thorough evaluation of the roof to verify if you have to replace it or not. This practice will help you know the amount you need to spend for fixing or replacing the roof.  

Missing Shingles 

Roof maintenance and repair can include shingles replacement. It’s common for asphalt shingles to lose their granules as they age. Over time, these shingles become loose and will start damaging your roof. Sudden fall of the shingles might result in severe injuries. Thus, if you notice missing shingles, don’t hesitate to hire a professional roofer immediately.  

Sagging Roof 

Even if your sagging roof isn’t leaking, it is still crucial to hire a roofer to inspect it. A sagging roof happens if there’s an issue with the structure. If you choose to ignore this problem, it can lead to expensive repairs down the line. As soon as you notice your roof is sagging, you should immediately hire a professional roofing contractor.