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Welcome from Portrush, Northern Ireland.

 The website contains sample learning materials for  various topics ; Primary to Third  level studies. Useful with an interactive whiteboard (for whole class teaching) as well as one to one revision on a PC and works well with a 'Graphics tablet' if you haven't got an IWB.

I bought one at ASDA for about 21 and I use it regularly.  


Comment from the NGFL Web Evaluation Team

The resources on this site are good, and would be enjoyable and useful for teachers and pupils across a range of subjects.



Basic Chemistry and Physics


Home Economics, Nutrition , Biology


E.S. Numeracy and GCSE Maths






General Knowledge and Geography


Food Poisoning and Hygiene


Technology and Construction






Crosswords Various Topics


SPECIALS Numeracy/Literacy


Images of the North Coast of Ulster




Primary school science learning materials.





Staff training/ development or resource creation?

These resources are free . Why not purchase a license to copy and load them onto your school/college VLE or intranet (typically 10-20 per program for networks).

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